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Supplying melt pumps for Poland customer

Batte supplies two melt pumps (gear pumps) for a company producing cuspated sheets and drainage geocomposites. A capacity of 300-350 kg / h pump and a capacity of about 500kg / h pump are required.

Other requirements for these two melt pumps:
a. The extruded material - HDPE
b. Operating temperature - max 300 0 C
c. The pressure at the output - 20 MPa
d. Material melt pump - steel
e. Electric heating

melt pump (gear pump)

This customer has some experience in using this type of pump and needs other information for the pumps that we propose. For pumps which they suggest send to them information for each type of Pump:
1. What is the material of gears?
2. The gears are hardened throughout or only surface?
3. What is the diameter gears?
4. What is the width of the gears?
5. What is the material of bearings?
6. What is the hardness of the gears?
7. What is the hardness of the bearing?
8. What is the diameter of the input?
9. What is the diameter of the output?
10. What is the life expectancy for pump for an extrusion regranulat HDPE?
11. What is the minimum and maximum productivity [kg / h]?
12. Do we have the characteristics of turnover versus performance?
13. Do we have a representative in Europe?
14. Does the gears and bearings can buy from us as a spare part?
15. Specify the dimensions of the connection of pressure sensors end electric heating
16. Specify the dimensions of the drive connection
Provide all parameters for each type
Give the price and shipping cost to their country and delivery time.

Batte finally supplies the two melt pumps to our customers, and they are very satisfied to our product quality and service.

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