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Gear pump for compact rubber extruder

Gear pump for compact rubber extruder adopts advanced cutting-edge extrusion technology, and consists of pump body, driving shaft, sliding bearing, front plate, and with labyrinth sealing.


Gear pump for compact rubber extruder


Sound knowledge for cutting-edge extrusion technology:
Gear pumps with herringbone gearing in combination with compact extruders for precision technical profile production. Influenced only by its rpm, the gear pump generates an even, constant volume flow, a pre-condition for optimum production of hi-quality profiles.

Gear pump for compact rubber extruder details:
Task: Pressure build-up from 40 to max. 500 bar, minimum temperature in-crease, pulsation-free flow.
Functional principle: Filling of the tooth gaps, transport in the tooth gaps, discharging of tooth gaps.
Herringbone gearing: Very even product flow, central product flow, minimum pulsation tendency, balanced bearing loads.

Gear pump for compact rubber extruder applications:
Gear pump employed to increase pressure in cross head
120 mm compact extruder with melt pump for production of extremely tight tolerance profiles
Gear pump utilized to increase pressure in a 150 mm strainer extruder, capacity approx. 1,600 kg/h

Capacity, specific volumetric capacity, drive capacity, parameters, and other technical data can be offered as required.

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