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What are the advantages of a dual axis driven rubber gear pump?

Dual axis drive rubber melt gear pump is a specially designed gear pump mainly used for processing high viscosity, high elasticity rubber or similar media. Its characteristics mainly include the following aspects:

High viscosity adaptability: The dual axis rubber gear pump can handle a wide range of viscosity media, including high viscosity rubber and similar materials. The design of this pump ensures that these media can still be effectively transported under high pressure and high speed.

Efficient conveying: Due to the design of dual axis gears, the pump can generate greater flow rate and higher pressure, ensuring efficient conveying of the medium. This design also helps to reduce pump wear and leakage, and improve pump service life.

dual axis driven rubber gear pump

Smooth operation: The dual axis rubber gear pump can maintain stable flow and pressure output during operation, reducing pulsation and vibration. This helps to protect downstream equipment and pipelines, reducing failures and downtime.

Good sealing performance: The pump adopts high-quality sealing materials and structure to ensure that the pump will not leak media during operation. This helps to maintain a clean and safe production environment and reduce its impact on the environment.

Wear resistance: Rubber gear pumps often handle high viscosity and high elasticity media, so the gears and seals of the pump need to have excellent wear resistance performance. Double axis rubber gear pumps are usually made of materials with high hardness and wear resistance to ensure good performance even under harsh working conditions.

rubber melt gear pump

Adjustable: Dual shaft rubber gear pumps typically have adjustable speed and flow control functions to meet different production needs. This adjustability helps to improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Easy to maintain: The pump's structural design is reasonable and easy to maintain and upkeep. Usually, pump problems can be repaired by simple disassembly and replacement of components, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

In summary, the dual axis rubber gear pump has the characteristics of high viscosity adaptability, efficient transportation, smooth operation, good sealing performance, wear resistance, adjustability, and easy maintenance, making it an ideal choice for handling high viscosity, high elasticity rubber and similar media.

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