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What are the specifications and models of plastic extrusion melt pumps?

There are various specifications and models of melt pumps, from small to large, including but not limited to: 0.05cc, 0.08cc, 0.1cc, 0.5cc, 1cc, 2cc, 5cc, 10cc, 20cc, 31.5cc, 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, 200cc, 315cc, 500cc, 800cc, 1200cc, 2500cc, 3200cc, 4000cc, 6100cc, 8000cc, 8500cc, 12000cc, 30000cc, etc.

polymer melt pump

Please note that these are only some common specifications and models. In fact, the specifications and models of the melt pump may vary depending on different manufacturers, application areas, usage conditions, and other factors. Therefore, when choosing a melt pump, it is recommended to choose the appropriate specification and model based on specific usage requirements, working environment, flow and pressure requirements, and other factors. At the same time, you can also contact professional melt pump manufacturers or suppliers for more detailed product information and selection suggestions.

plastic extruder melt pump

In addition, non-standard customization can be carried out according to the actual production needs of users to meet specific process requirements. Therefore, when choosing a melt pump, in addition to considering the specifications and models, it is also necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as performance, quality, reliability, and price, and choose the product with the best cost-effectiveness.

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