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Melt metering pumps

Working temperature of melt metering pump: ≤350-400℃, cleaning temperature: ≤450℃, outlet pressure: ≤350bar, viscosity: ≤30000Pa.s. The sealing of melt metering pump is usually screw seal, which has good anti-abrasion performance.

The seal of melt metering pump generally adopts spiral seal, which has good anti-wear performance.

Drive motor + reducer + universal coupling + pump body, the motor adopts frequency conversion speed control or servo speed control, which can be adjusted to the required flow rate at will. For products with high precision requirements, it is recommended to use servo motor speed control.

polymer melt pump

The heating of the melt metering pump adopts electric heating bar, which can accurately control the temperature of the melt. The melt metering pump is a positive displacement gear pump, which adopts one pair of external meshing cylindrical gears (helical gears) rotating relative to each other to transport and deliver high viscosity fluids. All gears and mating surfaces are precision ground and assembly clearances are strictly controlled to obtain accurate flow rates.

The pump body is equipped with an unloading orifice to strictly control fluctuations in system output pressure.

The system is equipped with end bearing flushing orifices to ensure long bearing durability.

The pump body cavity of the melt metering pump adopts high temperature liquid hydrodynamic design, which ensures large working conditions for feeding and discharging, and improves the product meshing performance.

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