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Melt transfer pumps for extruders

Melt transfer pumps for extruders are made of high temperature alloy steel with high abrasion and corrosion resistance by adopting the whole hardening technology.C series extruder pumps are based on the standard type of melt pumps, and the design parameters of the pump body have been strengthened, such as the requirements of high torque and low shear, and the requirements of high corrosion resistance (fluorine-containing products).

micro melt pump extruder

The melt pump for extrusion have optimized the self-lubrication system of the pump body, the inlet and outlet runners and the gear structure; this makes the material residence time in the pump body shorter and prevents the dead space of the pump body gears, which is more suitable for the extrusion of PC, PMMA, PVC and other products with high gloss and transparency requirements as well as the extrusion of heat-sensitive materials.

extrusion machine gear pump melt pump

Recommended universal coupling to connect the reducer and melt transfer pump to eliminate the effect of thermal deformation; melt pump belongs to the volumetric forced conveying pump, can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of the pump to regulate the pump output flow rate, recommended frequency conversion speed control mode, can realize the near-linear flow rate output of the gear pump.

melt pump for extrusion

A complete set of melt transfer pump includes: motor, reducer, universal coupling, control system and pump body, etc.; the structure of the extrusion machine gear pump melt pump body is: main pump body, front cover plate, rear cover plate, 2 pairs of D-type bushings, the active shaft, the slave shaft, seals and so on.

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