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Melt Pump Packing Seal Principle Explained

Melt pump sealing form, packing seal and mechanical seal is usually used in the form of a combination of a form. Compared with the spiral seal, the combination seal has a simple structure, easy to disassemble, can comprehensively play the advantages of packing seal and mechanical seal.

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Packing seal is often used in the form of shaft seal, but the selection of packing, sealing performance and structural design directly affect the effectiveness of the seal. The essence of the packing seal is to use the sealing filler is soft, under the action of axial compression force, radial obstruction may melt leakage channel, the force exerted on the packing seal must make the packing and sealing between the axial surface of the shaft to produce contact stress can be sealed by the sealing of the role of melt pressure. Therefore, the radial contact pressure at the bottom of the packing box must be greater than or equal to the pressure of the sealed melt, in the structural design, is a very important theoretical guidelines.

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Packing sealing device usually consists of packing containing soft packing and packing gland, soft packing for the oil-impregnated or graphite-coated asbestos rope or high-temperature carbon fiber, which will be placed between the stuffing box and the pump shaft, and will be tightened to force it to deform to achieve sealing. The packing must have the conditions:

1, a certain degree of plasticity, in the compression effect can produce a certain radial force and close contact with the shaft.

2, there is enough chemical stability, do not contaminate the medium, filler should not be medium bubble up, filler in the impregnation agent is not dissolved by the medium, filler itself does not corrode the sealing surface.

3, good self-lubricating properties. Wear-resistant, small coefficient of friction.

4, there is a small amount of shaft eccentricity, the packing should have enough floating elasticity.

5、Simple manufacturing, easy to fill.

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