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Highlights of New Melt Pump Application in Extruder Production Line

At present, melt pump manufacturers provide a new generation of melt pumps that are widely used in extruder production lines, with advantages such as energy saving, and improving product quality.

1. The melt pump for extruder can continuously pump accurate material flow to the extruder head, thereby reducing the tolerance of the extruded product and producing more qualified products per unit weight of material. When the dimensional tolerance requirements of the extruded product are relatively strict or the raw material cost of the product is expensive, using a melt pump is more valuable.

2. In a mixed extrusion granulation production line combining a co rotating twin screw extruder and a melt pump, the pressure building function required by the twin screw to overcome head resistance (poor pressure building ability is an inherent weakness of the co rotating twin screw itself) can be exempted. The limited length of the screw is fully equipped with an I mixing function section, allowing the pressure building function to be undertaken by the melt pump, thereby greatly improving the mixing quality and output of the production line compared to a separate twin screw granulation unit. The increase in single machine star production reduces the energy consumption per kilogram of material processed, typically by about 25%.

melt pump for extruder

melt pump for extruder

3. Combine a single screw or co rotating twin screw extruder with a melt pump and extrusion heads for pipes, plates, films, etc. to form a production line. This system not only has the second advantage mentioned above, but also achieves energy-saving by simplifying the production process of extruded products and shortening the production cycle. For example, this system is particularly suitable for situations where materials for extruded products require blending modification, and the materials must be thoroughly blended and homogenized to meet the product quality requirements.

In this production process, it is generally carried out in two steps. Step 2: Mix the raw materials into pellets, and then use another equipment to reheat and melt the pellets before extruding them into products. Between these two steps, the molten material is cooled to room temperature and then heated to the molten state for extrusion, which is accompanied by a significant amount of energy consumption. The application of melt pump extrusion equipment saves considerable energy in the traditional extrusion process, thereby achieving energy-saving.

extrusion melt pump

extrusion melt pump

4. By using a extrusion melt pump, multiple extruders can be used in the extrusion production line to simultaneously supply material to one melt pump. The melt is then combined, pressurized, and calculated by the melt pump before being supplied to the machine head to extrude the product. Using this configuration can achieve the purpose of using small and medium-sized extruders to extrude large products (such as large-diameter pipes, wide plates, wide films, etc.). The production line with this configuration has a compact structure and a small footprint; The cross-sectional dimensions of extruded products are more accurate and easy to control.

5. Connecting a polymer melt pump in series on a single screw exhaust extruder can make the system operate freely and have superior performance. Compared with traditional single screw exhaust extruders, the output can be significantly increased. Under high head pressure and high output, the extrusion amount can be adjusted freely, and there is no material leakage at the exhaust port.

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