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Structure diagram of melt pump and list of accessories

The structure of extrusion melt pump mainly consists of pump body, active and driven gears, sliding bearings, front and rear end plates, packing seals and other components, and is widely used in extrusion molding of plastic, resin, rubber and chemical fiber products.


Melt pump structure diagram

Melt pump structure diagram

List of thermoplastic melt gear pump parts

Name Quantity
1. Connection flange 1
2. Cold water ring locating screws 2
3. Cold water ring 1
4. Front screw seal fastening screw Several (number varies with model)
5. Front screw seal 1
6. Front cover plate fastening bolts Several (number varies with model)
7. Front cover plate 1
8. Front bearing locating key 1
9. Front bearing 2
10. Drive shaft 1
Slave shaft 1
11. Lifting rings 2
12. pump body 1
13. Rear bearing 2 pieces
Rear bearing locating key 1
14. Back cover plate 1
15. Rear cover plate fastening screws Several (number varies with model)

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