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What are the inspection standards for shaft seals of melt gear pumps

The shaft seal of the melt gear pump usually adopts packing seal, mechanical seal, or a combination of the two sealing methods; There are four inspection standards for shaft seals.

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1. The radial clearance between the packing gland and the shaft is 0.4~0.5mm, and the circumferential clearance is uniform.

2. The filler size is correct, the cut is parallel, neat, and free from looseness, and the interface is at a 30 ° angle to the axis.

3. When pressing the packing, the interfaces of each circle of packing must be staggered, with a general interface staggered by 120 °. The packing should not be pressed too tightly.

4. After the installation of the mechanical seal component, it passes the 0.2MPa pressure test for 30 minutes.

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At present, advanced countries have adopted screw extruders, melt pump transportation systems, and online rheometers as standard configurations for rubber and plastic material processing equipment. In addition, in the polymerization reaction process, it can be used to transport high viscosity melts: used as a booster pump or metering pump during the melt spinning process. Welcome to inquire.

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