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chemical stainless steel reactor kettle melt gear pump

Reaction kettle melt pump is suitable for high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt reaction conveying requiring high output pressure, such as resin, chemical fiber and other industries, generally installed in the lower part of the reaction kettle, to make material pump. This series of melt gear pumps have good self-priming performance and can be used for conveying and pressurising polymer materials under vacuum reaction conditions.

reactor kettle melt pump

Reaction kettle conveying melt pump parameters

Conveying medium viscosity: 1 to 30,000Pas

Suction pressure: Vacuum ~ 4MPa

Output pressure: 0 to 35MPa

Permissible differential pressure: 25MPa

Operating temperature: ≤350°C

Heating method:thermal medium jacket

chemical stainless steel reactor kettle melt gear pump

Reactor melt pump is generally installed at the bottom of the reactor, driven by motor + reducer + universal coupling. Reactor melt gear pump is a volumetric forced transfer pump, the pump output flow can be adjusted by adjusting the pump speed, it is recommended to use frequency conversion speed regulation, which can realize the nearly linear flow output of the gear pump.

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