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Why is the meltblown metering pump connected by a universal coupling?

Universal coupling is recommended to connect the reducer and meltblown metering pump to eliminate the influence of thermal deformation; meltblown metering pump is a volumetric forced transfer pump, the pump output flow can be adjusted by adjusting the pump speed, frequency conversion is recommended, which can realize the nearly linear flow output of the gear pump.

polymer melt pump

Meltblown metering pump in the meltblown production line is the role of: metering, control the yield and fiber fineness, the melt continuous and uniform delivery to the spinneret. The meltblown fabric metering pump also has the advantages of stabilizing output pressure, improving product quality, increasing extrusion output and reducing unit energy consumption. Zhengzhou Batt provides a complete set of melt pump, drive unit, control system and supporting screen changer and die head. info@battemachinery.com

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