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Screen changer installation solution for hollow blow molding industry

The installation scheme of chemical barrel is basically the same as that of blowing bottle, but the production of chemical barrel has a large extrusion volume, the bolt specification is also correspondingly large, unlike blowing bottle production space is narrow, the installation space is affected, so the production of chemical barrel can also be installed horizontally according to the site I condition, so that it can achieve no stopping to change the net, continuous production is better. The duplex filtration of the screen changer is used alternately. If the left and right space is limited, it is used in the same way as the above-mentioned blowing bottle. The bolt diameter of chemical barrel is usually 90 and 120 machines, so the size of screen changer will be increased accordingly to meet the production capacity.


The common hollow blow molding includes: blowing bottles (lubricating oil jug, oil jug and other industrial oil jug; soy sauce, vinegar jug, laundry detergent jug, cosmetic packaging and other food, daily chemical packaging jug, bottle; medicine, pesticide packaging bottle); industrial barrels; hollow blow molding of various industrial supplies and so on. Hollow blow molding industry because the product needs to change color often, the screen changer flow channel requirements are very high, there can not be dead-end residual material, in view of this, Batte technical staff according to this working condition, designed this special screen changer, using the original double seal structure, online non-stop screen change, change different color products easy to clean, no residue, reduce the waste caused by color change.

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