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Melt pump manufacturers explain three common ways of gear heat treatment

Among the accessories of the melt pump, the role of the gear is very large, because the rotation of the gear determines the operating state of the melt pump, and the heat treatment method of the gear also directly determines the operating efficiency of the gear. So what are the gear heat treatment methods for melt pumps? Batte melt pump manufacturers will analyze and introduce them in detail.

The first method is surface hardening treatment. This heat treatment method has better torque transmission, that is to say, during the operation of the gear, it is not easy to cause the risk of fracture under high load. However, the hardness difference between the surface and the interior of the metal is very large, and this phenomenon will cause the extrusion of the hard metal to the soft metal layer to show a state of destruction.

The second heat treatment method is hardening type treatment. This heat treatment method has better anti-wear ability and will not cause the entire gear to fail due to the damage of the surface layer. However, this treatment method also has a drawback, that is, the gears will become harder and harder during the operation, so that they are easily damaged and are particularly sensitive to torque and vibration.

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The third heat treatment method is to carry out surface hardening again after the hardening treatment, so that the hardness of the entire surface and the interior will not be much different, the surface will have a strong ability to resist damage, and then the transmission torque will also be get a big boost.

The practicability of the gear heat treatment methods of these three melt gear pumps is relatively strong, because the defects of the first and second heat treatment methods are also obvious; After that, when the surface hardening is carried out, all the problems of the previous two heat treatments are solved, so that when the gear is running, the phenomenon of hardening will not occur, and the probability of wear is much lower.

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