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Installation steps of control system of high temperature melt pump

1. The control cabinet is a floor-standing Xiangwentian cabinet, which can be directly fixed on the ground, and users can also make their own base.

2. Install the temperature sensor, pressure sensor and heating rod on the high temperature melt pump.

3. Lead the cable into the cabinet from the side of the control cabinet (power line and signal line are installed separately, all sensor signal shielding lines must be grounded separately from the power line grounding line), and connect the lines according to the terminal wiring diagram. (Note: See the attached electrical drawing for the connection diagram of the terminal)

4. Description of electrical parameters:

(1) The power supply line is three-phase four-wire 380V/60HZ, and the melt pump motor outputs three-phase 380V/60HZ.

(2) The heaters in front of the pump, the pump body, and the rear of the high-temperature melt pump output single-phase AC 220V.

(3) The inlet and outlet pressure detection signals are analog 0-10V input.

(4) The temperature detection signal of the front of the pump, the pump body, and the rear of the pump K-type thermocouple.

(5) The control signal from the control cabinet to the host inverter is analog 0-10V output.

high temperature melt pump control system

5. Wiring instructions:

(1) The motor power line is connected in accordance with the electrical drawing, and the motor must be effectively grounded to avoid interference to the signal line. (Note: It is necessary to check whether the motor insulation and three-phase resistance are the same before powering on)

(2) The pressure sensor (0-10V) signal wire is connected according to the electrical drawing, (S+) is the blue wire, (S-) is the yellow wire, (E+) is the red wire, (E-) is the white wire, and the green is the calibration wire , The one with heat shrinkable tube is shielded wire.

(3) The positive signal of the temperature sensor is the red line, and the negative signal is the blue line;

(4) The temperature heater power line (AC220V) is connected in accordance with the electrical drawing, and there is no distinction between positive and negative phase sequence. (Note: But the circuit must be checked before power on to ensure that there is no grounding or short circuit)

6. Protection devices for the control system of the high-temperature melt pump: (1) Circuit breaker short-circuit protection (2) Inverter overload protection (3) Overpressure protection (4) Interlocking protection with the host

7. Equipment use environment: Ambient temperature: -10℃-+50℃ Ambient humidity: <85RH (no condensation, avoid strong corrosive substances)

8. Electrical control technical indicators: sensor measurement accuracy: ±0.5%, equipment control accuracy: ±1%, equipment power supply voltage: 380V AC (according to the voltage standard of the customer's area), motor rated capacity: 15KW (according to the melt pump flow choose).

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