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What problems does the coated melt gear pump solve and its own advantages

Whether it is uniform coloring in sheet and profile extrusion or transparency in film extrusion, the demand for product quality in plastic processing continues to increase. The uniformity of the melt and the dimensional stability of the finished product are very important. In this case, the uniform and constant delivery of the melt pump plays an important role. To ensure product quality, Zhengzhou Bart developed a new type of melt gear pump. The flow channel surface surface of the melt gear pump prevents possible material accumulation, allows faster color changes and reduces wear and tear.

Deposits in chemical melt gear pumps caused by residence time, chemical reactions or dead zones can significantly reduce product quality and lead to higher reject rates and longer downtime. In addition, color pigments in masterbatches, fillers, or contaminated recycled materials can increase wear and reduce service life. When extruding sheets made of PC, PMMA or TPE composite materials, our melt gear pumps must meet high standards. Manufacturers expect us to provide process stability. Many years ago, we introduced a smaller diameter flow channel (product hole) in the reinforced melt gear pump. The purpose is to obtain a higher flow rate, thereby preventing melt adhesion. The transition area between the bearing housing hole and the bushing has also been optimized to avoid dead zones. A high level of self-cleaning is the main focus of our development.

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Zhengzhou Batte's oxide hard coating applied on melt gear pumps through PVD / CVD technology has the following decisive advantages: amorphous, non-polar surface can prevent the accumulation of chemical substances and deposit formation; wall adhesion is reduced , Which in turn leads to improved flow properties; almost dense surface reduces the tendency of corrosion; high hardness of more than 2,300 HV provides very good wear protection for demanding melt gear pump applications. melt gear pump manufacturer: info@battemachinery.com.

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