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The reason why the melt pump housing is cast in stainless steel is actually because of this

Friends who have been in contact with melt pumps should be familiar with the shell material of the melt pump. The melt pump shell is made of stainless steel casting technology. So why do we have to use stainless steel casting technology to make it? It is estimated that few people know it. This article explains the reasons for doing so.

1.High temperature resistance

Stainless steel material can effectively withstand high temperature erosion. Generally, 304 stainless steel can withstand high temperature of 800 degrees, and special stainless steel can even withstand high temperature of more than 1,300 degrees. When we use melt pumps for production, because products reach the melting point according to different materials, Sometimes the high temperature also needs to reach a high temperature of several hundred degrees, and continuous high temperature use is required, so we have high requirements for the high temperature resistance of our shell material, and stainless steel is undoubtedly the appropriate choice.

2. Corrosion resistance

The reputation of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and not easy to rust has made people feel like it. It is very corrosive when working in a high-temperature melt environment for a long time, and the interior must be cleaned after the operation. If other materials are afraid that it will not be able to carry it for a long time, so It is also right to choose stainless steel.

boosting pressure extrusion melt pump

3. Easy to clean

After the stainless steel is processed, the smooth surface can reduce a lot of residues of the melt pump during production, even if it encounters high-viscosity materials, it will not produce a lot of residues, which provides convenience for cleaning after use, so that it is easier Clean up, and it will not affect the next use.

4. Not easy to deform

Just by listening to the name, stainless steel is steel. The hardness of steel is obvious to all. High strength means that it is not easy to deform, and the internal long-term non-deformation can make the gear work well inside and work stably for a long time.

These are the reasons why the melt pump housing is cast in stainless steel.Learn about or buy a melt pump: info@battemachinery.com.

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