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Advantages and disadvantages of involute helical gears for melt pumps

The gear is the core of the melt pump. On the one hand, the rotation and meshing of the gear can squeeze the melt between the teeth to transport the material from one end to the other; on the other hand, the meshing of the gear can seal the low pressure cavity, which is beneficial to establish a high output. pressure. Bart melt pump adopts involute helical gear, which can increase the coincidence degree of gear meshing. When meshing, the material can be continuously and smoothly squeezed to reduce pressure fluctuations. At the same time, the helical gear also has a certain whitening effect. , Can avoid the deposition and decomposition of materials.

gear metering pump for melt

Although helical gears have great advantages in reducing pressure fluctuations and self-cleaning, this type of gear will generate axial force during operation, reduce the service life of the bearing, and increase the degree of shear of the melt in the tooth side clearance. ; The usual measure is to add radial grooves to the bearing end surface and use the principle of dynamic pressure lubrication to improve the bearing capacity of the lubricating film on the bearing end surface. At the same time, under the action of high pressure difference, if the structure design of the melt pump gear is unreasonable, it is easy to cause "scratch" due to too much deflection. Therefore, certain measures should be taken in the design: such as adopting the integral structure of gear and shaft to improve the connection rigidity; in addition, strict rigidity check should be carried out to determine the appropriate tooth width to ensure that the deformation of the gear shaft is less than the gear top clearance .

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