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Melt pump manufacturers explain melt pump disassembly and cleaning operations

As an in-house professional melt pump manufacturer, Bart has professional melt pump processing equipment and advanced melt pump processing technology, providing users with high-standard, high-performance melt pump equipment to meet the production needs of different plastic extrusion systems. This article specifically introduces the melt pump disassembly and cleaning operation process.

1. Carefully disassemble the pump from the equipment, put it in a vacuum heating furnace and slowly heat it up to 400℃-450℃ for two hours. The temperature should not be overheated, otherwise the hardness of the pump body material will decrease, which will affect the stability of the pump body size.

2. In the process of heating up, the remaining materials are melted and discharged. Unscrew the bolts of the sealing gland and the front and rear cover in turn. Keep in mind the position and direction of all the disassembled parts, and all return them when installing. When removing the gear, because there is residual solid material adhesion, do not hit with a hard object to damage the corners of the tooth and the bearing, but use a plastic or soft copper hammer to gently knock it out.

3. After the melt pump is disassembled, the removed gears and sealing components should be gently placed on a clean table, and the parts should be cleaned with compressed air or clean cotton cloth. And carefully check all parts for wear, cracks, burrs and scratches. You can use 600% sandpaper to lightly polish the surface attachments. When polishing, you must carefully measure the gears, intermediate plates and D-type bearings. Never remove the metal or grind them. Otherwise it will affect its metering function.

4. After the parts are polished, clean them with trichloroethane or vinyl chloride solvent, and then wipe them with cotton cloth. Do not use paper towels, because there may be paper scraps or impurities sticking to the parts, and they can be installed after cleaning.

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