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herringbone melt pump

As a professional manufacturer of large-scale melt pumps in China, Zhengzhou Batte provides melt delivery, pressurization and metering solutions for thousands of users in the rubber and plastic extruder industry. For the shaft seal form of the melt pump, Zhengzhou Batte melt pump manufacturer makes the following explanation.

herringbone melt pump

Every melt pump needs some form of seal to act as the drive shaft of the sealed melt pump. For the seals of the melt pump, magnetic seals, packing seals, spiral seals, single or double mechanical seals, lip seals or a combination of the previous seals can be used. Different types of melt pump drive shafts have different sealing forms, and different sealing structures are usually selected according to the pressure, temperature and viscosity of the conveying melt. For standard spiral seals, it is suitable for high-viscosity melts and dynamic seals with positive inlet pressure. Zhengzhou Bart melt pump manufacturer provides a standard extruder series melt pump (ZB-B series) with screw seal; packing seal is a very simple and strong shaft seal, which can be designed as a belt Double packing seal with flushing fluid. The packing and sealing medium usually uses braided packing made of graphite and reinforcing fiber, and other special materials can also be selected according to the needs.

zb-b melt pump

The melt pump provided by Zhengzhou Bart is mainly used for the transportation, pressurization and metering of high-temperature and high-viscosity polymer melt. The melt pump provided is divided into: standard extruder melt pump, rubber melt gear pump, and reactor melt Pump etc. batte melt pump manufacturer: info@battemachinery.com.

Before the melt pump is installed and used, for the melt metering pump adopting the packing seal form, the position of the sealing gland should be adjusted in time to ensure the best sealing state. For pumps with screw seals, if cooling water auxiliary sealing is required, a 1/8 or 1/4NPT joint should be installed on the screw seal assembly, and then the water source should be connected. For small displacement pumps, do not let the cooling water affect the heating of the pump body.

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