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Analysis of machining accuracy and manufacturing cost of rubber melt pump

 Strength and life of the special melt pump for rubber: For the strength of the special gear pump for rubber, the key factor is the strength of its gear shaft; because the viscosity of the conveyed rubber melt is usually high, the pressure is high, so the two gear bearings are subject to very large bending moment and torque, the need to increase the diameter of the gear shaft of the melt pump, and the use of. High strength materials. Because of the limitation of the center distance between two gears, it is not allowed to choose large size bearings, which limits the life of bearings. Therefore, how to solve the contradiction between the strength of the gear shaft and the life of the bearing becomes the key to designing the gear pump.

Manufacturing precision and cost of rubber melt pump: Because the special melt pump is the key equipment of precision extrusion, in order to increase the volume efficiency of rubber gear pump, it is necessary to reduce the tooth clearance and meshing clearance, but too small clearance at high temperature will make the pump body and gear jammed, resulting in rubber gear pump can not work properly. Therefore, the rubber pump gear and pump body requirements have higher precision requirements, some key parts require to achieve 5-level accuracy. To improve the precision of rubber gear pump, it is necessary to increase the manufacturing cost. Therefore, it is necessary to find the best balance between the manufacturing precision and the manufacturing cost in the structural design.

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