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Daily use of high temperature melt pump for stainless steel

 As a well-known high temperature melt pump manufacturing enterprise in China, Zhengzhou batte has advanced production technology and technology to guarantee the high performance and high standard of the supplied melt pump to meet the needs of the users. For the daily use of the stainless steel high temperature melt pump, the life of the melt pump is short and the gear wear is fast. The following is the detailed analysis and interpretation of the Lantai melt pump manufacturer.

Generally, the life of the melt pump is short, the main reason is that when the stainless steel melt pump is selected, the melt medium is not well understood and the quality of the melt pump is not accurate enough. The pump body of the stainless steel melt pump is made of 304 stainless steel. The gear can choose 304 stainless steel or 2Cr13 material, and it needs to be heat treated. The aim is to improve the wear resistance of the gear and prolong the service life of the gear. Stainless steel melt pump bearings most of the selection of stainless steel shaft sleeve, the main spindle is more 23Cr13, the actual combination of such material for the transport of lubricated medium is fully applicable; conveying containing impurities or non lubricity and lubricity of the medium, the material is not strong enough, wearability, poor fatigue resistance.

The 304 stainless steel material used for stainless steel melt pump, because of its large thermal expansion coefficient, the effect of temperature rise in the assembly of the stainless steel melt pump will easily cause the melt pump to lock and hold the shaft. The Zhengzhou llantai melt pump manufacturers usually have a larger gap in the general gap when the stainless steel melt pump is assembled.

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