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Details of the introduction of the melt pipe pump

 The melt pipe metering pump is suitable for hot water corrosive chemical pumps. The product is efficient and energy saving, and its performance is reliable. The shaft seal is mechanically sealed and combined with mechanical seal, which is made of cemented carbide and wear-resistant and sealed. It can effectively prolong the service life of mechanical seal. It is suitable for petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, power, paper, food, pharmaceutical and synthetic fiber industries.

Pipeline pump

Batte (batte) pipe pump is a single suction single stage centrifugal pump, a vertical structure, because of its import and export in the same line, and the same inlet and outlet diameter, similar to a section of pipes, can be installed in any position of the pipe as a pipe pump (also known as a pressurized pump). Structural features: single suction single stage centrifugal pump, the same inlet and outlet, and on the same straight line, and the center line of the shaft to be perpendicular to the vertical pump.

Matters needing attention:

1. batte pipe pump should be carefully checked before the installation and use of the model specifications.

2. Bart (batte) must be carefully checked before and after installation. If there is any loosening, it must be tightened again.

3. batte pipe installation pipeline can not be directly supported on the inlet and outlet flange of the pump. Additional support points must be set up to prevent deformation and damage of the pump.

4. the conveying fluid of batte pipeline pump should not contain sediment, particles and long fiber material, so as to prevent the gear and machine seal from being damaged.

5. clean the impurities inside and outside the pump casing, pump cover and gear. After scouring, check carefully. No damage can be used.

6. scavenging and scouring machine seal combination of internal and external impurities, impurities, check its seal face wear and tear, wear or scratch small fine gold phase sand paper on the flat surface can continue to use, after grinding can not remove the scar of the need to replace.

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