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Characteristics of high temperature melt pump

 What is the structure characteristic of high temperature melt pump? High temperature melt pump is a kind of melt pump produced by Henan Jiaozuo steed melt pump Co., Ltd.. It can work under high temperature and high pressure. It is mainly used to transport high temperature polymer. So we need to know the high temperature melt pump in detail. Now let's get to know it together. 

The structure of the high temperature melt pump is similar to that of the external gear pump in the hydraulic transmission, and the working principle is the same. The high temperature melt pump delivers high temperature polymer melts, which can work continuously under high temperature and high pressure. The material of the pump is wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, high pressure resistant and corrosion resistant. And it has enough strength and dimensional stability.

The structure characteristics of high temperature melt pump:

1. reduce unit energy consumption. Data show that the co rotating twin screw granulator and the melt pump are combined, and the mixing quality and output increase greatly compared with the single screw extruder. The energy consumption per kilogram of material can generally be reduced by about 1/4.

2. lengthening the whole life span. When the pressure of the extruder in the extruder is reduced after the use of the melt pump, the wear between the screw and the screw can be greatly reduced, the load of the thrust bearing of the gear box is reduced and the life of the extruder can be extended. The problem of extruding in the production process that needs exhaust can also be solved easily.

3. increase the output of extrusion. The pressure requirement of the screw is reduced from the original screw to the die head, which is replaced by the pressure of the melt pump to the die head. The screw can be extruded rapidly and efficiently, and the back pressure of the extruder can be adjusted, the retention time of the melt in the cylinder can be reduced, the molding process is stabilized, the melting temperature is reduced, and the production and quality of the products are improved.

4. stable output pressure. It can effectively reduce material output instability and pressure pulsation caused by extruder parameters.

5. improve the quality of the product. Minimize dimensional tolerances of extruded products, reduce scrap and reject rate. The ordinary extruder can also produce high precision products.

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