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Talk about the advantages of using batte melt metering pump

 The benefits of using a melt metering pump in tandem with a single- or twin-screw extruder significantly increase the efficiency of the entire production line. The main benefits of using a melt metering pump are:

1. Stable output pressure ---- can effectively reduce the extruder output caused by material instability and pressure pulsation.

2. Improve product quality ---- minimize the dimensional tolerance of extruded products, reduce waste and reduce the rejection rate. Ordinary extruders can also produce high-precision products.

3. To increase the extrusion output ---- Bottom of the screw pressure requirements, from the original screw to the die build pressure, instead of the melt metering pump to die pressure, the screw can be high-speed and efficient extrusion, and The back pressure of the extruder can be adjusted to reduce the residence time of the melt in the barrel, stabilize the plasticization process, reduce the melting temperature and improve the product yield and quality.

4. Reduce energy consumption per unit ---- There is data that will be extruded and melt metering pump combination, the mixing quality and output than a single extruder substantially increased. Processing per kg of material can generally be reduced by about a quarter.

5. To extend the life of the whole machine ---- melt metering pump after the extruder screw pressure is reduced, can greatly reduce the wear and tear between the screw and the screw cylinder, reducing the load on the thrust bearing of the gear box to extend the life of the extruder , Extruder in the production process need to exhaust the issue of the issue can be solved easily.

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