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pvc extrusion pump manufacturers in china

 Rigid PVC extrusion pump manufacturers in china

Batte Rigid PVC extrusion pump materials do not contain BPA bisphenol A, do not contain PAHS PAHS, containing no organic tin ramada in product instead of every kind of clamping force models, there will be A special UPVC plasticizing injection system, and comply with the requirements of UPVC pipe fittings products core-pulling have exclusively in the exit of devices. Under normal circumstances, only the injection amount can meet the weight requirement, and the series of UPVC public injection molding devices can be used to produce high-quality products.

Batte Rigid PVC extruder pump meets ROHS,REACH, n-p, U.S. FDA. Injection molding process conditions: drying treatment: generally not drying. Temperature of melt: 185~205C mould temperature: 20~50C injection pressure: can be large to 1500bar pressure pressure: can be large to 1000bar injection speed: to prevent material degradation, it is generally used in very high injection speed.

Batte Hard PVC extrusion pump materials - PVC, your excellent choice. Recently, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the corresponding national standards committee released four indicators about children's toys new countries, new standard officially adopted on January 1 next year, the toy industry in China will again face the severe test of the new production. The toy industry in China will again face the new ordeal again the toy industry in China will face new ordeal Europe and the United States and the new rules carried out earlier, with the relevant provisions of the traditional plasticizer on as raw materials for the toys form attack inside and out, market share will be further reduced.

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