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Zhengzhou Batte extrusion pump works

 Batte Machinery Zhengzhou Co.,Ltd. extrusion pump is a positive displacement delivery device, flow and pump speed was strictly proportional relationship. Mainly by the pump casing, the drive gear, driven gear, sliding bearings, front and rear end plates, packing and other components. Tooth profile of two gears, pump, pump side cover constitutes a feed zone, conveying zone and the discharge zone. Working volume change work intermeshing rely master, driven gear caused to convey melt. Working volume by the pump, the gears and bearings constitute alveolar having side function (ie feed zone). When the gear is rotated in a predetermined direction, the melt enters the gullet two gears of the feed zone, with the gear, the melt from both sides are brought into the conveying zone, gear again, so that the melt alveolar body is extruded row discharge region, the pressure to the outlet pipe. As long as the shaft rotates, the gear on the outlet side of the nip to melt, so the pump outlet can reach very high pressure, while the inlet flow and no high pressure requirements, import can be done even vacuum suction, widely used in plastics, resin, rubber extrusion, such as pelletizing, film, pipe, sheet metal sheets and other industries, according to the teeth to be divided into straight teeth, helical, herringbone teeth and so on.

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