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What effect does the melt pump of screw extruder produce

   The production line is composed of twin-screw or the same direction twin-screw granulator, melt pump, pipe, plate, film and other extrusion machine heads. Such a system can not only have the advantages of pressure building, but also according to the whole process of simplified extrusion craft production process, reduce production and manufacturing time, and achieve the effect of environmental protection and energy saving. For example, some raw materials that are very suitable for extrusion crafts must undergo blending modification, and raw materials must undergo sufficient blending homogenization to meet the needs of production process.

Melt pump for reaction kettle

  In this kind of processing, it is usually carried out in two steps. First of all, the raw materials are processed into rubber and plastics, and then the granular materials are heated and melted again by another machine and equipment, and then extruded into crafts. In the second step, the granular water is cooled to normal temperature and then heated to molten extrusion, in which a lot of kinetic energy is consumed. By using the extrusion production system of melt pump, these rich kinetic energy in the whole process of traditional extrusion process can be saved, so as to achieve high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving.

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