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Structure of Multi-channel Melt Gear Pump

   The multi-channel melt gear pump provided by Zhengzhou batte is mainly used for polyester melt conveying, because the polyester melt extrusion system has high requirements for melt conveying device: conveying high-viscosity polyester melt at high temperature and high pressure; stable flow rate at outlet and good flow uniformity. The general gear pump can not meet the transportation requirements of polyester melt extrusion system because of its own defects. Multichannel melt gear pump is designed on the basis of general type gear pump, which can meet the high conveying requirement of polyester melt extrusion system for conveying device.

  Multi-channel melt gear pump uses driven gear structure to balance radial force. The follower wheel distributes evenly relative to the driving wheel, so that the hydraulic force and meshing force around the driving wheel can be balanced separately, thus effectively reducing the load of the pump shaft and bearing, and improving the service life of the gear pump. Because the gap between the driving wheel and the pump body is very small, a separate external meshing gear pump is formed between the driving wheel and each driven wheel. The total inlet of the pump is connected and the outlet is independent, thus forming four parallel driven gear pumps.

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