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Accurate and stable delivery of polymer melt pump

 The company's new polymer melt pump is developed and manufactured on the basis of the original melt pump technology. The high temperature gear pump has the characteristics of high temperature resistance. It can increase the output capacity of products and stabilize the output capacity of products when used in plastics and other melt extruder equipment. The melt pump has excellent continuous operation ability, can meet the continuous production requirements of various end customers, and also has the characteristics of high temperature and corrosion resistance.

The main function of the melt pump is to transport, pressurize, stabilize and measure the high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt, and to keep the melt precisely and steadily transported. The melt pump has very good functions of pressurizing, stabilizing and measuring, which comes from the transport mechanism it holds. Melt pump is an external meshing gear pump, i.e. two identical meshing gears rotate in the pump body. In the gear meshing area, the teeth and grooves of the two gears are continuously separated and separated, and the space of the feed area is increasing. At this time, in the upstream area (such as extrusion zone), on the side of the gear meshing area near the pump outlet, the two gears enter the meshing state, the space of the discharging area decreases continuously, and the melt in each slot is forced to extrude.

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