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What are the benefits of melt pump application in extrusion equipment

   With the development of plastics industry, the requirement of end-users for product quality is increasing. Therefore, extrusion melt pump is playing an increasingly important role in the extrusion process, especially in the production of high-quality sheets, pipes, biaxially stretched films, optical fibre cables and other products.

  Under the action of screw movement mechanism in extruder, the pressure of melt in extruder head usually shows pulse fluctuation. This fluctuation can not be eliminated by self-PID regulation, and can generally reach 5-20bar (1bar=105pa). If the melt gear pump is installed at the back of extruder head, the teeth can be increased through continuous meshing between teeth and involute helical gear technology adopted by IKV extrusion pump. The meshing degree of the material is used to extrude the material continuously and smoothly to eliminate the pressure fluctuation.

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