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Working Principle of pvc extrusion pump

 In the production of polyester, pvc extrusion pump is the key equipment for pressurizing and conveying high temperature and high maturity polyester melt. Its performance directly affects the operation of the whole production line. A complete high temperature melt pump includes motor, reducer, coupling and pump head. The pump head is mainly composed of pump shell, drive gear, driven gear, sliding bearing, front and rear end plates, packing seal, etc. The sliding bearing of high temperature melt pump is provided with a lubricating groove, which is self-lubricated by melt. It works under high temperature and pressure and has good wear resistance. Henan Jiaozuo Junhua domestic professional melt pump manufacturers, provide a variety of specifications of melt pumps:

The gear of the melt pump engages and rotates, sucking the melt from the inlet of the pump, and extruding the melt from the outlet of the pump after pressurizing. High temperature pvc extrusion pump is mainly used for melt transportation, pressurization and measurement. It has the characteristics of compact structure, reliable operation, low energy consumption, high volume efficiency and low shearing effect on melt. At high pressure, the flow rate is stable and there is no fluctuation of outlet pressure. In general, the working environment of high temperature melt pump is in high temperature state. Therefore, most gear pumps also have thermal insulation jackets to meet the temperature requirements of the melt being transported. As the key equipment of polymer production line in petrochemical and chemical fiber industry, high temperature melt pump is of great significance to the continuous and stable operation of the whole production line and to the improvement of production efficiency and economic benefits.

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